LendingClub personal loans review

In a nutshell Looking for a personal loan when your credit isn’t stellar isn’t easy. LendingClub makes it accessible for borrowers with fair-to-average credit to gain access to financing. LendingClub’s minimum required credit score is 600. LendingClub lets you change your payment due date, which can help you stay on top of your payments. LendingClub … Read more

Understanding federal student loan types: What you need to know

In a nutshell Federal student loans provide help for families looking to cover the cost of higher education. On average, tuition is $29,150 per year for public four-year, out-of-state schools, according to data from educational nonprofit College Board. That figure jumps to $41,540 for private schools. Like scholarships and grants, federal student loans are a way … Read more

What is collision insurance?

In a nutshell Collision insurance is part of a car insurance policy. If your car is damaged in an accident in which you’re at fault, your collision coverage will help pay to repair or replace it. Collision is not mandatory coverage under the law. If you finance your car with a loan or lease, your … Read more

What is homeowners insurance?

In a nutshell Homeowners insurance is a type of property insurance that provides a way for you to protect your house, which is likely your most valuable asset. Homeowners insurance is like other kinds of insurance in that you pay premiums for coverage, and in case you need to file a claim, you may pay … Read more

Is pet insurance worth it?

In a nutshell Pet insurance may be a good investment for those who frequently use expensive pet health services, but your mileage will vary. Pet insurance plans range in cost and coverage, but you can generally expect to pay $56.30/month or $675.61/year for dogs, and $31.94/month or $383.30/year for cats. Pet health policies can ease … Read more