Quit Smoking The Scientific Way – Bangla Health Tips

Everyone knows that smoking causes health damage. Smoking increases the risk of various diseases including cancer and heart disease. Despite knowing these things, many people fail to quit smoking. Many people can’t quit even after declaring to quit smoking. Studies show that strong willpower and a few lifestyle changes can help you quit smoking. In this case, the following methods should be used with patience. Let’s see the methods.

Stress: Control stress. Many people smoke due to stress. So try to stay stress free. Get a regular massage to relieve stress or listen to music to relax your mind. You can also do yoga. These will help you to de-stress and control smoking.

Personal argument: Make a strong personal argument to quit smoking. Before quitting smoking, you must know why you want to quit smoking. There must be a strong personal reason that will help you quit smoking. Maybe you want to look young forever, live a long and healthy life with the people you love, or maybe you have lung cancer. Think of these as a strong reason and gradually cut down on smoking.

Everyone’s help: Tell friends, family members and office colleagues that you want to quit smoking. Ask them to encourage you. Maybe you went to a party and smoked a cigarette when the people around you forbade it. Research shows that behavioral therapy combined with eliminating our various bad habits is very helpful.

Text messages: In some western countries, there is a facility where people who are interested in quitting smoking will receive text messages on their phones at a certain time with the benefits of quitting smoking and the disadvantages of smoking. What you can do is ask your loved one to send you such messages regularly. Then you will have a little urge to stay away from smoking.

Chewing gum: You may feel depressed and depressed when you want to quit smoking. So think of an alternative to cigarettes. Research suggests that smoking nicotine gum, lozenges, or chewing gum as an alternative to cigarettes may help curb the habit. There are some chewing gums available in the market now that are quite effective for quitting smoking. You can eat them.

Physical activity: Physical activity will help you quit smoking. When you want to smoke start walking or jogging. Physical activity can make you want to smoke. This will also remove excess calories from your body.

Avoid cold places: You may have decided to quit smoking. But if it stays in a cold place for a long time, it may re-emerge. Studies have shown that 95 percent of people who try to quit smoking can’t quit because of nicotine alone. Because the nicotine in cigarettes is addictive. The brain eventually gets used to taking nicotine and wants to take it again and again. Prolonged exposure to cold places increases the demand for nicotine. So avoid cold places.

E-Cigarette Use: If you’re missing a cancer stick between your lips despite following the above methods, pick up an e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are a type of device that meets the body’s nicotine cravings associated with smoking but reduces the risk of some of the other harms of tobacco. The main purpose is to get rid of smoking addiction through e-cigarettes and at some point to quit these e-cigarettes as well.

Finally, as the number of smokers increases, so does the number of people who quit. Follow the above methods and you will surely succeed.

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